Saturday, November 04, 2006

If I had a Crazy Amount of Money

I was browsing my husband's blog (which hardly gets updated). His post of September 23rd was all about what he would buy if he were super rich. It basically listed a bunch of boy toys: cars, motorcycles, computers, and camera stuff (though if he re-did the list now I'm sure he would include a Bugaboo stroller). In response to his post, I decided to make my own list. Hey, my birthday is coming up after all (Friday, November 10th, I reach the ripe old age of 27).

A mansion on Lakeshore Rd. For those of you who know Burlington, you know that the lakefront is lined with these overly-extravagant palatial properties. This one's only a million eight, so it's reasonable. And yes, it really is for sale. Check out the mls listing below:

I'll have one of the rooms in my mansion done up to look like the Enterprise D bridge. Of course the view screen will actually be a widescreen TV. I'll also put all my Star Trek DVD's into a massive DVD changer so I can access any episode on demand from that little remote in the Captain's chair.

A porsche 911 convertible. A red one. I did a project on porsches in high school German class. Hitler had a 911. I'm surprised porsche doesn't use that fact much in their advertising. I spent a bunch of time on customizing my car. Red leather interior, the works. The car starts at 136, 000. Mine ended up at 215, 855.

A smart roadster. This car is only available in the UK, but I'm sure I could fly one over. The problem with my car choices is that these are all two-seaters, with no room for baby! So I'll also need a nice family car, for driving baby around and long trips.

This is a porsche Cayenne. Don't know much about it, but porshe is a brand I trust. And look, it has room for baby in the back. Hey! Somebody stole my hubcaps!

Enough with the cars (the garage in my mansion isn't big enough!) Vacation time!

I want not one, but several European vacations. This castle is in Germany, but I'll of course want to see every country. I have to visit every museum mentioned in my art history classes, see the Sistine chapel, attend real German Octoberfest, get my picture taken leaning against the leaning tower of Pisa, ride in one of those Venice gondolas, climb the Eiffel Tower (again), and stop for periogies at Adam's Babcia's house.

With all the leftover money I have (and they'll be lots), I get my son a really great university education (or college, whatever he's into). Maybe he can get a few degrees. You can never have too many.


Mandy said...

But in you could have all of these.. *giggles*

It's our virtual world.. and I am oh so super rich lol

Mandy x

Superhappyjen said...

All of these? Including the Enterprise D entertainment room? I'm so there!

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