Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The difference between a baby show and a baby shower is the cake

So last night Adam and I went to the Welcome Wagon "Baby Shower" which is actually identical to the Welcome Wagon "Bridal Shower" that I attended last year. There are only about 10 booths to advertising their wares, and many of those aren't even baby related. That's right, Mary Kay, I'm talking about you.

So we sat through this rather hillarious maternity clothing fashion show. The models were obviously not pregnant, and compensated for their lack of bulge by wearing somewhat square pillows. The host of the show was a guy with a suit and a fake laugh whose jokes about being pregnant would've gone over a heck of a lot better had he been a woman. There was also some woman who talked for a few minutes about a parenting humour book she had written.

Smattered throughout the farce, the suit with the fake laugh would give out door prizes. Normally I don't win anything, not even free scratch tickets, but last year at the "Bridal Shower" I won a pair of earrings so I was optomistic. The odds are actually pretty good. There are about a dozen prizes for a hundred fifty people (half of whom are not preggers, and therefore not eligible). The suit had given away all the prizes and felt that downer feeling you get from not winning when you thought you might. Then, suddenly, the suit realized he had one more prize to give away. A fifty-dollar gift certificate for maternity clothes. And guess whose name they called? Mine! (Or rather a reasonable facsimile of my name, because nobody can prenounce Filipowicz correctly on the first try).

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~Becca~ said...

Yeah For free money!

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