Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Mommy Cooking Show

William is screaming in the other room. Now I'm not a let a child cry it out type of Mom, but I figure it's better for him to be screaming in the other room than to be screaming in my arms. At least this way I can blog.

Update: William is quiet. Maybe he's asleep. I know he's tired but the reason it seems he's been cranky is (and this is really weird) that he missed the Mommy cooking show.

To explain: about a month ago I started putting William in his carseat in the kitchen so he could watch me make dinner. It was the only way I could get a meal on the table without screaming. I'd tell him what I was doing while I did it and count out all the ingredients for him.

Yesterday, Adam called to say he was going to be late and I decided to wait before starting to make anything. Around the time I usually start to cook William wailed inconsolably. I thought he was tired, but he wouldn't go down in his crib. I went through the baby checklist, fed him, changed him, burped him, put him in the exersaucer. Nothing. Finally, I noticed the time and put him in the carseat in the kitchen. He smiled as if to say: okay, I'm ready for the show.

Today Adam's going to be late again. This time I'm wise to the game and put William in the carseat at the appropriate time. But, problem, it was too early to make dinner. The dishwasher was full but not clean, so I couldn't make a show of emptying it for him. I decided to wash the the stove. It badly needed it because I HATE (note I'm using the word HATE in capital letters) cleaning, especially when it comes to the kitchen. William has similar feelings about cleaning, because he did not enjoy the Mommy cleaning show at all. I think this is because a) he sensed how thrilled I wasn't about the activity and b) I forgot to narrate.

So I tossed my screaming infant in his crib (by "tossed" I of course mean, lay him down gently with a kiss) and here we are. Yes, he's tired, but he was very disappointed not to be able to catch the Mommy cooking show before his evening nap.

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