Wednesday, May 23, 2007

William's William Shirt Revisited

On March 11th, I posted this picture of William in the personalized onesie that Scottish Carol sent us:

At the time this photo was taken William was just under a month old (24 days to be exact). He was growing quickly and I remember thinking how big he was. Now I can't get over how tiny he looks.

Today William is wearing the same onesie. I'm amazed it still fits (though it is a bit snug). Here's my big boy now, at age 3 months (exactly 97 days old):


Caz said...

Jen you are fab! I adore those photos! Thanks so much!! :D Don't worry, I'll be supplying little William with a new onesie when I come over. Good to see he's still loving the blanket too.

Derek and I can't wait to meet him!!

Take care,
Carol x

Jay said...

Aw, still cute as a button.
It is getting a little tight on him though...won't be long til he grows o of it!

zydeco fish said...

It's three months already? Wow. He's very cute.

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