Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby's ready, Mom needs weaning

In two weeks it will be August 15th, William's 6-month birthday. This is significant because 6-months is when Health Canada recommends introducing babies to solid foods (the term "solid" is used very loosely, as baby food is often quite liquidly and mushy). I'm the first to admit that this 6-month mark is hardly set in stone and I know plenty of women who started their children on "solids" at 5-months, and even 4 months, with no ill results. And William has shown himself to be advanced in other areas, so there's no reason to believe he isn't ready right now. I, on the other hand, need to be weaned to this idea of my son eating food.

So far, I have done the following things to wean myself:
  • I bought a box of rice cereal, the recommended first food to introduce because almost noone is allergic to it. Now my husband teases me almost every day saying "Let's feed William some of that cereal." Nooooo! NOT YET!
  • I put him in his high chair when I am eating so that he can "get used to it".
  • I feed him his vitamin drops with a spoon. In theory, by the time he gets to real food he'll be a spoon pro and I'll have no problems. Actually, he already takes the spoon like a pro and really doesn't need any practice.
  • Today Adam fed William some water with the spoon, and I made no protest.

If all goes well, I should be ready for solid foods by the 15th.


Adam Filipowicz said...

your silly..

some moms start out at 3 months.. old with no ill effects..

it doesnt really matter..

~Becca~ said...

Aw Jen... I Know what you mean!

There is something about looking at your breastfed baby and you KNOW that they are who they are from the nutrition they received from you.

I think starting solids is gonna be a bit rough on me too... though Drew is so excited for it.

I know I'll be breastfeeding a while longer so it's not THAT bad. And it will be fun to watch him eat people food. :D

zilch said...

Our son Adam was very happy to start out with bananas at four months. But he stuck with Mom too for several months afterwards.

Now he's nineteen and wants to study physics. Just goes to show you...

Jay said...

When the time comes, you'll be so proud you'll get over it pretty quickly :)

Anonymous said...

I'm facinated! So many things I never thought of when having a baby. This blog made me feel sad for you, who knew I could have an emotional reaction to a baby eating solid food?
It could be that I've just finished Harry Potter and the ending was well I can't say but it made me moody.
Jen, my mom and I are still really into your blog.
;-) kate from mags class

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