Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 140th Birthday Canada! (Belated)

So this year Canada Day fell on a Sunday, so we get Monday off too. Sweet.

Yesterday, we celebrated the occassion by playing pass the baby at Amy's annual pool and sangria party. One of Amy's friends is a midwife and another is an ObGyn so there was much talk of babies, childbirth and other related topics. The air was on the cold side for a pool party, but luckily Amy's Dad keeps the pool a refreshing 32 degrees C (90 degrees F) and everyone including William had a dip. As the night went on and the sangrias flowed, some guests opted for a swim with their clothes on (by "opted" I of course mean they were thrown in). My small nuclear family stayed dry during this episode, as none of us had consumed as much alcohol as the other partygoers. Nevertheless we all enjoyed the entertainment (except for William who was asleep in his stroller).

We left the party at around nine thirty and considered going to the fireworks at the waterfront. In the end we just went home because I realised I am past the point in my life where vulturing a parking spot and a patch of grass just to watch loud lights exploding in the sky holds any excitement.


Toryssa said...

Loud lights in the sky... I'm not sure that I will ever be past that excitement. Right now my neighborhood is going BOOM and it makes me giddy. My son and I have been lighting fireworks every night before bed... I'll be disappointed when all the loud lights in the sky are over for the year in a few days.

Caz said...

Jen, a new meaning for fireworks. Derek and I got married on 5th November which is Guy Fawkes in Scotland. So, fireworks everywhere! They hold that special meaning for me. :)

Super Happy Jen said...

t: when William is old enough to be awed by fireworks, I'm sure my excitement will be renewed.

c: Guy Fawkes? Sounds like a hockey player for the Montreal Canadians.

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