Thursday, August 09, 2007

Future Olympian

Adam can't always get off work on time to take us to water babies swimming lessons, so my parents help out. Here's my Mom (aka Omi) with William in the changeroom. I love the rolls of baby fat on his chest.

And here William is way too interested in looking at the pool to waste time on more photos

Here he's smiling because I just told him that he is the best swimmer in the whole class (in my unbiased opinion). Well, to tell you the truth, I really wasn't looking at the other babies, but William can kick and everything. He's advanced, I tell you.

Let's use this photo to compare mother and child. I think he's starting to look a little like me. Same-shaped eyes, similarly-shaped nose, both wearing a goofy expression.

Yes, all these people are with us. From left to right: William's Daddy, Auntie Eireann, Uncle Craig, Omi, cousin Hunter. My dad (Opa) was also there (he took the picture). William is a novelty right now and thus my family's favourite source of entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Jen your baby is sooo cute!!
Just to let you know because we've discussed this before my current favorite boy's name beside william
is Jon.
So sadly no Will Mills for me.
xox k8 from mags class

Super Happy Jen said...

So has "Jon Mills" been conceived yet? :)

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