Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have a mortgage! (and a floating baby and a business)

We have signed both mine and my husband's souls over to the bank, along with our life savings, just for the pleasure of paying more money for the condo we already live in! This is a big deal because not only will we get some equity (which I think is bank-talk for magic fairy dust), but it means we have fulfilled all my previous mental requirements to consider myself "a grown-up":

  • a)grown-ups get married (check)

  • b)grown-ups have kids (check)

  • c)grown-ups have a mortgage (check)

Yikes! I'm going to have to come up with new criteria. Like, perhaps I need a real job before I truly mature. This journey into adulthood seems maybe I should be wearing a life jacket...

Speaking of life jackets (and really forced segues), William wore a life jacket at water babies today, look at him all cute:

In case you're wondering, no I am not naked in this picture, that is a strapless bathing suit. Anyway, notice how I'm not holding William at all? He can swim ALL BY HIMSELF.

In other news, I would like to end this blog entry with a shameless plug for mine and my husband's new online t-shirt business, which I have doubts will ever make any money. But if you happen to not believe in God, and want to advertise that fact on a t-shirt, go to: . In the closet....because we sell t-shirts...which you store in your closet...get it? Anyway there are nine super-cool designs so far. Some of them I think are cute even if you're not an atheist. So throw us a couple bucks will you? We have a mortgage for Spock's sake!


Jay said...

That is one cute floating baby!

p.s. I keep my t-shirts folded in a drawer. Do you really hang yours in a closet? Weird.

Lady S said...

I love that you had mental criteria for grown-upness, as I do to! Only mine has 5 criteria:
1. Life partner (not everyone does or can get married, although getting married does show maturity)
2. Children (birthed, adopted or furry)
3. Car (that you pay for, or pay the bank for)
4. Job (career job, not fast food or paper delivery)
5. House (although, I guess I should amend it to mortgage, its just that house is about the only "own not rent" option in my area)

However, I feel that once you have accomplished 3 you are an adult. I hit 4 five years ago. (House and wedding in the same summer)

Super Happy Jen said...

jay: I do hang my tshirts, but then I have a big walk in closet. There's no way all my shirts would fit in a dresser

Lady s. I got 3/5, so I guess I'm an adult by your criteria aswell. Bummer.

Toryssa said...

And I thought growing up was just staying in the same place for more than 6 consecutive months... Guess I have a ways to go, after all!

Goodluck with the t-shirts! I don't wear t-shirts, or I would buy one. That seems weird. What kind of person doesn't wear t-shirts?!

. said...
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Rhea said...

That baby is one damn good swimmer.

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