Saturday, January 26, 2008

65-year-old Rude Woman on the Loose!

Today one of William's Early Years Centre girlfriends, Brooke, and her Mom, Kate, walked part of the way home with us after baby drop-in. William and Brooke's strollers took up the width of the sidewalk. Well Kate and I were chatting when suddenly we had an encounter with what I like to call a RUDE WOMAN. Here's how it went down:

RW: Do you think it's okay for me to walk in the snow when I'm sixty-five years of age?
Me (stares blankly at the woman, then at the barely an inch of already well trodden on snow to the left of the sidewalk. I should also note that sixty-five really doesn't seem that old to me when there are centegenarians living in my building.)
K: No...
RW: Well then...(points at strollers)
We scooch over. She leaves in a huff, no doubt feeling vindicated that she told us ne'er-do-well young mums a thing or two.

Here's how it should have gone down:

RW: Do you think it's okay for me to walk in the snow when I'm sixty-five years of age?
Me: Yes. Now, do you think it's okay to go around lecturing perfect strangers about courtesy when you're not even polite enough to say excuse me?
RW leaves in a huff, no doubt feeling pretty stupid to have acted so rudely. Or maybe not. Actually it's probably a good thing I kept my mouth shut.

How it really, really, should have gone down:

RW: Excuse me, please.
Me: Of course.
K: Not a problem.
Both of us scooch over and the lady leaves and noone writes a blog entry about how rude she is.

In other news, if anyone is curious what I've made so far in clay class. I made a coil dish with the star trek symbol as the base. Somehow this ended up looking quite vaginal, which wasn't my intention. Though it made me think of one of my university drawing teachers, who might have been a lesbian, and who always seemed to enjoy when a shape resembled a vagina.


zydeco fish said...

Doesn't everyone enjoy it when a shape resembles a vagina?

Aviatrix said...

It makes me happy that you rewrote your encounter to make it so that no one was rude and no one had to be blogged about. Many people never get beyond the witty things they could have said.

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