Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas in Review

It seems I haven't posted since last year, before most of the Christmas craziness began. Now it's the new year and my brain has already rotted away from playing all the new video games Santa brought us. So instead of using words I show you pictures. Okie Dokey?

(In no particular order)

There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas but... we saw this rhino enjoying the snow on boxing day. The zoo decided to change it's "Free on Boxing Day" policy to a "Half-price on Boxing Day" policy. We foiled their plan to charge us money though, by bringing the zoo passes that my parents got us for Christmas. Our friends Chris and Lisa came all the way from Ottawa to join the fun (unfortunately they had to pay).

When we got together just after Christmas, William and Aedan actually played together instead of existing in the same room with each other. Aedan has gotten so tall but, as you can see, William can still beat him up.

Here's a shot of William walking.

William and I opening presents at my in-laws' house on Christmas eve. Notice how William is tastefully showing his midrift? Very difficult to do when one is wearing a button-down dress shirt. Luckily William is only wearing the top half of a button-down dress shirt, with a vest sewn onto it. I swear, some baby clothing is so weird. Looks good though.

A slightly out of focus pic of our Christmas tree. The ornaments kind of migrated to the top to stay out of baby-reach.

This is what happens whenever someone tries to take William's picture. I swear we have about a million photos of him trying to grab the camera or simply giving the "ooo! I want that!" look. He takes after his Daddy.
Anyway it's late and my husband says it's my bedtime. Happy New Year!


zydeco fish said...

Cool. William rules. Maybe he has a career in boxing or wrestling ahead of him.

Super Happy Jen said...

Z: actually I'm thinking dentistry. He's always grabbing for the teeth.

Toryssa said...

Gosh, he walks! He's gotten so big!

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