Monday, January 28, 2008


Friday: William and I went to the Early Years Centre, where there were more babies than I ever remember seeing in one place. We had a fabulous time, however, this is no doubt how William picked up THE BUG.

Saturday: William woke up with a surprise for us (liquid explosives) all over his sleeper, bedsheet, and blanket. Thinking that this was the result of something he ate, or some other quirk of his baby digestive system, we opted not to cancel our trip to Port Hope for my cousin Dylan's 3rd birthday. While there, William was in good spirits despite a lack of appetite and many more explosions.

Sunday: On the advice of a TeleHealth nurse we began feeding William Pedialyte, a yummy juice designed to keep him hydrated (I assume it's yummy because it's the only thing he'll take in right now). In addition to not eating solids, he started refusing breastmilk and biting my nipples instead (ouch!). That afternoon I felt nauseous, and promptly puked up lunch (twice) and went to bed a 7 pm, skipping dinner. Without breastmilk, William is nearly impossible to get to sleep so I let Adam handle that. By 9pm Adam had contracted THE BUG and was emptying himself out both ends.

Monday: That brings us to today. Adam is home from work and has been sleeping most of the day. I don't feel nauseous anymore but I have barely enough energy to type. I just had to report on this as a warning to all that the Filipowicz household is under quaranteen. Do not approach if you value your tummy.


Eric's Mommy said...

Sounds like life at my house. Something bad is going around!

Becca said...


I hope you guys are feeling better!

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