Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess the Flavour10

Toda./;,y I'm blogging with guest blogger William on my lap. We'll see htgtgt how that goes. Oh, he has climbed down and is currently demanding mini croissants from the top of the fridge. Okay, we're back, blogging snack in hand.

This afternoon I have an ultrasound that will hopefully determine what flavour of baby I'm having (with or without nuts). If I don't find out that\
will just be the worst, adding to the tragic event of yesterday when I found out (much to my dismay) that La Feminique, my favourite bra store of all time, had gone out of business. Apparently my buying one bra a year wasn't enough to sustain their company.

Anyway, if I do find out boy or girl I will announce the info onvvc this blog sometime tommorrow.b f Thereby b leaving lots of time for everyone to put in their guesses. And no guessing twins or triplets (or to the dungeon with you!)


Becca said...

Yeah! You already know my guess - but for the sake of comentary - I'll guess Quadruplets ( you didn't leave that out)

I'm excited for you and can't wait to find out!

Caz said...

Ooooh I'm putting my money on a boy but I think a little baby Jen would be *so* cute! =D

zydeco fish said...

I think you should let William write a whole post by himself.

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