Monday, July 07, 2008

A few days off and nowhere to go.

This being the week after my husband's birthday he took a few days off so that we could go on some kind of summer vacation.  Unfortunately nothing has spontaneously planned itself.  I've been googling and googling but have yet to find the perfect getaway for a couple of cheapskate parents and their 17-month-old.

-Any trip we take with William will undoubtably be more work and less relaxation than staying at home
-Both sets of grandparents are taking vacations of their own so even getting babysitting for a few hours is out of the question
-William will not remember anything anyway, so spending a lot of money on his experiences seems a waste (especially since every playground and splash-pad is a resort to him)
-We just bought a house, so we want to save our monies
-Despite all this, I would be disappointed if we didn't do anything at all

One idea was to stay home and take day trips. But where, oh where, shall we go?


zydeco fish said...

I hear Burlington is nice this time of year.

Kelsey said...

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Caz said...

The zoo?? =D

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