Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Our Easter celebrations:

Dyed and coloured eggs on Good Friday at my parents' house.

Went to my parents house this morning for breakfast. William immediately began chowing down on some Easter cookies that Auntie Eireann made for him. He also handed them out to everyone like a gentleman.

When Hunter arrived, Adam and I followed clues to William's basket, while Willliam followed Hunter around as he searched for his.

Then we had to wait while my Dad (Opa) "talked with the Easter Bunny" about where to hide the eggs we had coloured.

Found the eggs Opa and the Easter Bunny had hidden. Then had our traditional egg fight. Kevin, my sister's boyfriend, won. I think they actually brought their winning egg from home, which is dedication (or cheating, I can't decide which).

Then we all went outside to try out the 3D sidewalk chalk that the bunny brought us. No amount of putting 3D glasses in front of the camera would get the effect to appear on film. Basically all warm colours seemed to come towards you, while all cool colours seemed to recede. So really, only the red is 3D. Still cool though.

I wonder how my mother-in-law would feel about some hopscotch on her driveway when we go over there this evening. Maybe not a good idea.

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Robin said...

It's dedication..clearly

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