Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jadzia's first time in an exersaucer

I think you're supposed to wait until they're four months old, but her brother hung out in his exersaucer when he was three-months so today I gave it a try. The Early Years has one that is identical to the one we own. I might as well do a test, thought I, before I decide to take ours out of storage. She seemed fairly comfortable, but when I took a peak underneath, I saw that her feet just barely brush the ground:

This on the shortest setting. And people keep telling me how long she is.

Speaking of questionable parenting...I forgot Jadzia at the Early Years Centre today. I got to the car, buckled William into his carseat, and only then did I notice the empty spot next to him and realize why it had been unusually easy to carry everything. I was missing a child! Luckily I know everyone who works at there and she was in good hands (at least in no worse hands than her mother's). I felt like the worst scum of the Earth. What kind of person forgets her own daughter?


Super Happy Jen said...

Now that I look at it, I think it may actually have been on the highest setting...I'll have to check again.

Carol said...

Jen, you're not a bad mother. Every child is left somewhere at some point, and you didn't actually leave her, you just didn't have enough hands to carry everything. Don't beat yourself up.

On a tangent, come over to Scotland - you're welcome to leave Jadzia with us! =D And William too if you like! *lol*

Super Happy Jen said...

I took a quiz the other day to see where I should go on vacation. And one of my results was Glasgow!

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