Friday, April 24, 2009

The spontaneous garage sale.

This morning my husband randomly decided that we should have a garage sale tomorrow and and that I should go through the crawlspace when I had time and look for stuff to get rid of. There are several problems with this plan, but two came to mind immediately. First, I would not have time at all, and second, I am such a pack rat that no one would pay for anything that I would part with. But good old Adam was keen, even printing off "Garage Sale" signs and price stickers at work.

Once the kids were in bed, I spent about three seconds helping Adam go through the crawlspace. During that time, I found some baby toys that Jadzia could play with, some sandals that I could totally wear in this weather, and an almost brand new pair of shorts that still fit. Sweet! Not much junky enough to sell though.

Bored and unmotivated, I came upstairs and looked up how to have a yard sale, which only fueled my niggling feeling that planning such an event, with less than twenty-four hours notice, was a bad idea.

I then went on facebook, with the intention of making an invite, but found that my friend is organizing a Mom 2 Mom sale on the same day. (Actually she's been talking about it for days and days, I just didn't clue in that it was this Saturday). Anyway, I felt guilty trying to steal her thunder, so I posted no invite.

I told Adam that I didn't want to have a garage sale (it goes against my lazy pack rat nature) and he told me that he would do all the work and that I don't have to worry. Now I feel both guilty and resentful for being made to feel guilty. I told him that nobody would buy anything. He bet me that someone would buy at least one thing.

So we'll make 25 cents.

I know, I should be supportive, but it goes both ways. Just the other day, my husband told me that I couldn't become an astronaut.


Anonymous said...

If you still have junk.... I mean precious wonderful items to sell next week I'll come over and we can have a play date garage sale. I will even bring my label gun!!!!

I know your jealous of the label gun.

Columbia the commander of all the astronauts. I like to dream big. I still have till May 7th to accomplish these dreams before the big 32!!!!! Nooooooooooooooo

Carol said...

Jen, you'll need to get Adam to list all the things that don't sell on eBay! That's what I did yesterday - listed like crazy! LOL

tshsmom said...

Good luck!
I thought I could motivate my OCD hoarder son to clear out his room by having a rummage sale and letting him have the money. It's 2 yrs later and he's STILL working on it. :(

Carol said...

Well, how did it go? Did you make enough for a family plane ticket to Scotland? *fingers crossed*

Adam Filipowicz said...

Beat my goal of 25 cents with a massive $10 haul

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