Monday, June 15, 2009

Conversation with a toddler

William lies face down on the basement floor, his knees tucked under him and his bum in the air. He looks as if he's searching for something under the couch. A half-eaten peach lies beside him, apparently forgotten. The movie Wall-E plays on the tv.

Me (standing on the stairs looking down at him) : Hey William. What are you doing?

William (looks up) : Why not?

Me : What are you doing?

William : I watch Wall-E

Me : But why are you on the floor?

William sits up and leans against the couch. He picks up the peach beside him.

William : Oh, I eat a peach.

He takes a bite.


Columbia Thorndale said...

I already posted this on facebook but noticed no one has commented in your blog....

the ostrich pose. Classic toddler comfort. Try it it is rather relaxing and when Adam asks what you are doing reply back Why not

Now I'm the first. Wah Ha Ha Ha

Carol said...

*lol* In a few weeks you'll find one of your most prized possessions under the couch and William will have used the Wall-E and peach stories as decoys lol.

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