Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A post about Jadzia

I haven't been as diligent about recording milestones with Jadzia as I was when William was a baby. Partly because I'm busier with two kids, and partly because I understand now that children grow up not by stepping from one stone to another, but gradually progressing from one stage to the next. While you're waiting for them to master one thing, they're busy learning something else. In any case here's a quick list of things she can do:

Smiling and laughing - she's been doing this for months, of course. If you met Jadzia I'm sure her smile is what you'd remember. Her entire face lights up, and she is prone to hysterical giggling.

Puking - she still pukes all the time, but it doesn't seem to bother her. She tricks people into holding her by flashing that adorable smile, then she vomits all over them.

Sneaky moving - she can't crawl, but she somehow manages to get exactly where she wants to go, usually when my back is turned. I assume she uses a combination of rolling, stretching and grabbing with her arms, and lunging with her legs. I've also noticed that she rotate while on her tummy by pushing off with only one foot.

Putting things in her mouth - this is her favourite hobby at the moment. She especially likes books, which means it's getting difficult to read to her. She also has an interest in toys that she didn't have before.

Sitting up unassisted - a fairly recent development and she's still not too steady. Usually, she'll see a toy inches out of her reach and end up folding herself in half.

Standing - okay, not by herself, but she loves "stand" while being held, or hanging out in her exersaucer.




Things that make a crinkle noise


Mommy's hair (or equivalent)

Bath time

Sucking her thumb (lefty)



Falling asleep in the stroller (if she's tired she'll wail all the way home instead)

Sleeping on her back

Being left where she can't see people eating

Falling face down in her own puke

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Columbia Thorndale said...

In university I'm sure she will experience "Falling face down in her own puke" again. :) You might even be lucky enough to get to wash her clothes after it

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