Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Three!!!

All the cleaning, shopping, baking and fretting over the last few days have paid off.  People seemed to have a good time at William's third birthday party.  Most importantly William, for the most part, enjoyed himself.  Here are some highlights:

Adam helping William put together his presents from Mommy and Daddy (but mostly Daddy) this morning.  "We" also got him a green lego race car.  Grown-up lego, not duplo.  Yes, they assembled that one too. 

My friend Columbia as the blue balloon fairy. She's awesome and crazy and awesomely crazy.  I love her.  

My totally awesome balloon hat.  That's my Dad in the background giving the thumbs up.

My nephew Hunter being transformed into Balloon Man, a super hero with powers involving weird balloon sounds and ninja-like reflexes.  He was actually kind of annoyed that I took his picture when his costume "wasn't done yet". 

The totally awesome car cake I made.  It's actually a whole bunch of pieces of cake glued together with icing.  My original plan was to put two cakes on top of each other one large and rectangular and one square, but the cakes were too thin so I piled them all on top of each other.  When that didn't work all that well, I used my husband's male car-building instinct.  When he had assembled the random cake pieces into a car-shape, I glued everything together with obscene amounts of delicious green icing.

Jadzia eating the totally awesome car cake I made.  "I'm supposed to share? What?"  She went from person to person getting hand outs and probably ended up eating more than anyone.  Oh, poor baby, noone got you any cake?  That's right Jadzia, I'm on to you.

Three seconds after the last guest left (and we'd opened all the extra loot bags) a late-coming guest arrived and we had another mini-party.  When the party was over (again) William insisted on having a bath to play with his new toys.  He got a bath toy fishing set from his friend Luke and some bath crayons from his friend Aedan.  William is not much into colouring on paper lately but he seems to have no qualms about colouring on the bathroom wall.  We had quite the rousing game of tic tac toe.  Perhaps next time I'll trick him into practicing printing.


Kate said...

Great Cake Jenn! I'm impressed. When I was young, my mom always made awesome cakes and its a fond memory. I can not believe how big Hunter is! He still looks just the same, only bigger, much much bigger. Makes me feel old!

Columbia seems like the life of a child's birthday party, what a great friend to have.

Jadzia is too cute stealing the cake too, great moment caught on film.

Super Happy Jen said...

You feel old? I'm the mother of a three-year-old!

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