Sunday, February 07, 2010


As we were walking to my parents house, William and I were chatting about the ice that was on the sidewalk.  Well talk of ice lead to talk of slipping and sliding, and talk of sliding lead to talk of skating.  By the time we got to Omi and Opa's house, William wanted skates for his birthday.

Luckily my Mom had a pair of Hunter's old skates that were the exact right size.    He was a bit disappointed that he couldn't skate on the way home (it wasn't quite THAT icy), but the next day Omi and Opa took him to the rink at Bronte Creek (after first purchasing him an expensive helmet). 

My Mom first took me skating when I was about William's age, maybe a little younger.  I never reached figure skater skill level.  Even now, I'm awkward backwards and can't stop on a dime.  But I love it.  There's nothing like gliding along the ice, feeling the cold air on your face (and yet not feeling your toes).  I couldn't let my parents have all the fun. So this morning we went to the rink. 

As we were getting ready William said to me "I need Omi to help me skate."  I told him I would help him, that Omi taught me everything she knows.  We paid $5.80 for the two of us, and donned our skates.  Adam sat with Jadzia, while William and I headed out onto the ice.  I held William as he "skated" the few short feet from one rink door to the next, then asked to get off the ice.

I got William one of those metal a-frames for kids to push on the ice.  We both held on and covered about the same distance we had before.

William tried a little longer with a bribe of hot chocolate offered by Adam.  Then I skated my money's worth around the rink until the kids were to grumpy to stand waiting.  Legend has it, if you take a kid skating four times, they will fall the first three times and know how to skate by the forth. 

Two down.


Sylvia McNicoll said...

Yippee. But I had a two for one coupon for indoor skating. Next time, come and get it first. Weren't those skates hard to lace up?

Kate said...

awesome! I love skating too, and I think everyone should learn. So hard on the back teaching kids to skate though, but so great when they get it.

zydeco fish said...

I liked skating more when I was younger and more resilient to the cold. I am older and wimpier now.

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