Monday, February 22, 2010

My Son Doesn't Hate French

For the past seven weeks I've been taking my son to a weekly, one-hour, preschool French class at the Ontario Early Years Centre.  William has shown little interest in the class and given no sign that any of the vocab was sinking in.  I've avoided practising with him outside class because I didn't want him to get frustrated and start to hate it.  Once when I suggested going to the Early Years for a drop-in, William refused because "I don't understand the songs."

Well yesterday William randomly pointed to his mouth and told my husband that it was his "bouche".  And today William has been asking me how to say everything in French.  "How you say wall in French?"  "Mur!" "How you say window in French?"  "Fenêtre!" "How you say car in French?"  "Auto!"  My vocabulary skills are being tested and I even had to look up a few words that I had forgotten.

Just now he was singing a weird mélange of "Frère Jacques" and the French version of "Head and Shoulders."

The weird thing is, we didn't go to "Fabulous French" last week.  We missed it because of car troubles.  I can't wait to go to our last class this week and see how he does.


Adam Filipowicz said...

as if the car will work this thursday :)

Kate said...

Thats so awesome! Maybe you need to brush up on your French too. LOL. I'm impressed and very happy for you all. I hope my future children do better in French than I did.

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