Sunday, March 21, 2010

Amazing Kitchen Cupboards

Last weekend's new pantry has started us on a kitchen improvement kick.   So using a fresh coat of paint (and primer and more coats of paint and maybe a clear coat), we're now in the process of turning my ugly retro wood laminate cabinets, into cupboards so beautiful that they will make me want to spend a lot more time in the kitchen and I will totally get all the dishes done.  Always.  Totally.

 Well you know the old saying: "Anything worth doing is worth doing in red"  (or something like that).  So we chose a nice bright red.  The name of the colour is AMAZING.  No really, it's called Amazing.  Being a sucker for marketing, I immediately knew that this was the colour for us. 

Normally when we're doing any home decor where colour selection is involved, I campaign shamelessly for the brightest colour possible because I know that Adam, when left to his own devices, will choose various shades of tope.  This time, however, Adam found a random picture on the internet with red kitchen cabinets that looked kind of cool and agreed to the brightness without any fuss.   My husband is convinced, though, that we'll have to paint the walls a neutral colour like grey, and not a fantastic complimentary colour like green, to go with our amazing-coloured cabinetry.  Apparently there's some kind of a down side to lots of in-your-face colour.  No matter, we'll cross that bridge some other day.

In the meantime, the small bit of red already painted in the kitchen, is almost enough to make me weep from the beauty. Can you imagine how gorgeous it will be when it's all done?
And here's a cute shot of my kids hugging in the cart at HomeDepot:


Kate said...

oh Jenn its going to look nice. I defiantly have to agree with Adam that Green would be a bad choice. (particularly green, it will always be Christmas in your kitchen) A nice Grey would make the cupboards pop!

If Money was no object and I was designing the kitchen with the red cupboards I think I'd go with a nice slate grey for the walls and white subway tiles for the back splash with accents in those red and white through out the kitchen. Stainless Steele appliances.

Super Happy Jen said...

I find that dark green looks christmassy, but a nice light bright green looks bright and cheery.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

One problem may be that your living/family room colours are visible with the kitchen ones. Isn't it a gold or brown hue?

Therefore a pale green, instead of grey, might be the way to go.

What does go with dark green? I have to paint my upstairs bathroom. The colour shouldn't fight the pale blue of my hall that's visible once you open the bathroom door.

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