Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Rules, as imposed by Jadzia

1.  Never, ever, leave the room.  No, not even to pee.  You don't actually have to pay attention to me while in the room, but if you leave I will cry. (Note, this rule only applies to Mommy)

2.  Yes, it does go in my mouth. 

3.  Pens are for babies.

4.  The floor and my face are great things to colour on.

5.  I can type your novel!

6.  I can write your blog entry!

7.  I can use your mouse  (and you can't).

8.  I can call random numbers on your call-display.

9.  I only like the remote control that will actually mess up the tv program, video game, or DVD you are playing.  Don't insult my intelligence by giving me the satellite remote.

10.  Food goes on the floor.

11. "No" doesn't mean "no".  "No" means I'm having a really good time doing something I'm not supposed to do.

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