Monday, March 08, 2010

A shopping list for Adam

Eggs  - Just one dozen, we have a dozen in the fridge already

Milk - Two bags

Crackers - Any kind that's not whole wheat.  We have whole wheat ones and they taste like wood chips.

Lots of fruit - Whatever's in season and on special.  I think peaches and pears are good, but if they're too hard get something else.  Maybe oranges if they look good.  Don't get apples because we have a few and William doesn't really eat them.

Bread - one loaf, we have another loaf on the fridge.


Real butter - Salted or unsalted, whatever's the cheapest.

Brown sugar

Something for dinners - What depends on where you go to shop.  Chicken nuggets are on special at Fortinos.  I believe Longos has some kind of fish.  I'm making stew with leftovers tonight, there's chicken in the freezer and of course we have dinner at my parents' house Friday, and your parents' house Sunday, so only get enough for three dinners.

Vegetables to go with the dinners.

Cream of something soup - Mushroom, or chicken, or celery or whatever.  In case I want to make a casserole.

Something for lunches - KD is on special at Longos.  You don't have to get KD but don't get no-name KD; it is offensive.

Cereal - Not Honey Nut Cheerios but I think that goes without saying.  I've also noticed that William is less likely to eat cereal that has flakes.

Maybe some yogurt - If you have money leftover.

Something you think of that I've forgotten.


Kate said...

You must go through many eggs in your home.

Super Happy Jen said...

I just loathe running out of them, and we always tend to run out on Saturdays when we are desperate for fried eggs.

Kate said...

makes sense are there are 4 of you and just 1 of me, so I get it, but it seems like so many to me. LOL

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