Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cool internet thingies

We're having a pretty slow day here in Super Happy Land, so I thought I'd take some time to show you some random, cool, internet thingies I've found.

First of all, yesterday was BoobQuake, a fun event started as a joke by fellow atheist blogger Jen McCreight (great name Jen).  After an Iranian Cleric linked immodestly dressed women to earthquakes, Jen urged everyone to wear their most revealing outfits on Monday, April 26 to see if there were any more earthquakes than usual.  200 000 people, including yours truly, wore our sexy shirts in support of this, and the story was picked up by CNN, CTV, and The Colbert Report, among others.  There was a pretty major Earthquake in Taiwan yesterday, but as Jen explains, it wasn't statistically significant.  Just to make sure though, there's talk of making this an annual event.  Oh, and Jen's selling BoobQuake T-shirts and giving all the proceeds to charity.  I'll buy one as soon as I figure out what size fits me...I hate buying clothes online.   Oh and just for the record...I read Jen's blog before she became internationally famous, so I can say I knew her when....Well only about a month before she became famous but still.

I was going to share more awesome internet stuff for you but my son is demanding "racing crashing toy videos"  So I shall leave you with this image:

I made this using IOGraphica, a program that tracks your mouse movements to make a pretty picture.  I first heard about it on my sister's blog, Design Chick's Blogaboo, which I've found to be another excellent source of random internet fun.

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