Saturday, April 03, 2010

Meeting Violet

Today we took William and Jadzia back to the place they were born to meet the newest addition, my brand new neice Violet McNicoll:

Violet was born yesterday (April 2) at 7 lbs 15 ounces.  She's Craig and Eireann's very first baby! (They are my brother, and sister-in-law in case you don't know).  I was going to go to the hospital to see her yesterday, but there were a million relatives all mulling around the maternity ward, and noone wanted me around because I was sick.  Nothing serious, just a 24-hour bug, actually more like a 10-hour bug.   Anyway, I'm better now.

Eireann is a super hero.  She couldn't have an epidural, so she did the whole giving birth thing using only lame drugs that don't actually work.  Violet was only one day late (early in my mind as my kids were 11 days late, and 5 days late) but she took her time clawing her way out of there at the end. 

Check out how big my baby looks next to violet.  She's enormous!  Jadzia was actually a tiny bit smaller than Violet at birth (7 lbs 7) and now she clocks in at just over 20 lbs.  My babies are old now.  Good thing I have a new niece to cuddle!

I can't have a pic of Jadzia and the baby, without posting a pic of William with the baby too.  William used to be a baby.  But he's not anymore.  Eireann and Craig: in only 3 years, Violet will be gigantic like this (only a girl)!  It's mind-boggling really.

Anyway I'm looking forward to watching Violet grow up, and play with William and Jadzia, and be super good friends with them.   Congratulations, Craig and Eireann!  Welcome to planet Earth, Violet!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Daddies and daughters!

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Kate said...

You must all be so pleased, congrats to everyone!

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