Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting news!

I must take a break from my regular schedule of not bothering to blog in order share with you an exciting development:  Jadzia just went pee in the toilet!

I've sat her down on the toilet a few times recently.  Mostly she's been excited to be part of the club.  She knows that her brother uses the toilet and is always perplexed when he gets to do something that she doesn't.  Unfortunately, she showed no signs that she knew what the strange throne was actually used for.

Yesterday, while at the park, she watched me urinate in a public toilet.  I've taken her with me to the washroom before, but never has she been so enthralled with the process.  I had to hold her back from sticking her head in the bowl to get a closer look.  This, I believe, was her moment of revelation.

Today she came to me, saying what could have been either "Booby" or "Poopy."  Since I'm vaguely trying to ween this child, I assumed the latter and checked her diaper.  Nothing.  I asked if she wanted to go potty.  "Potty," she cheerfully replied and off we went.

I put the kid's seat on the toilet, stripped my daughter of her diaper, and plunked her down.  She peed almost immediately, grinning from ear to ear.  I clapped and cheered.  We are both so proud.


Anonymous said...

Smarties for all to celebrate! Hurray Jadzia

Cara said...

Thatta girl!

Anonymous said...

lookin for another potty update

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