Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tomorrow is Adam's birthday pool party that we have every year (if you haven't gotten an invite, and you know us well enough to know where our house is, come on by anyway!).  Today, our house needs cleaning.  One of my good friends is having a fun party today and we can't go because we'll be sifting through our clutter, in a desperate final attempt to make our house presentable. Right now, I'm blogging, and Adam's looking through photos of our California trip.  Two activities that are sure to produce a spotless streak-free shine.

Since it's a pool party barbecue, people will mostly be in the back yard.  It is tempting to wrap our house in caution tape to deter anyone from going inside, but I suspect at least some of our guests will want to use the washroom and change into their bathing suits. 

Adam just went outside to work on the yard, and as a result William is having a complete melt down so, if you'll excuse me, it seems my procratination must come to an end.

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