Thursday, July 01, 2010

Jadzia's voice

Jadzia has grown up a lot in the last little while.  My baby has suddenly morphed into a child, with her own voice.  Her words are becoming more clear, and she's realized that she can use them to get what she wants.

This morning, for example, she asked me for a banana for breakfast.  She pointed to the shelf and very clearly said "Nana." When she wants to brush her teeth, she points to the washroom and says "Teeth."  Last night, she chose her stories by saying them by name "Choo Choo" (Thomas the Tank Engine) and "Baby" (Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes).  Just now, William grabbed a toy from her and she protested "Mine!"

One of her favourite games is identifying parts of the face, her favourite being the nose ("No"), and with eyes ("Ah-ee") in second place.  She'll point to her nose, then mine, then giggle when I join in, labling her mouth, ears and cheeks.  She plays this game with humans, as well as dogs and goats.

She's also developed an interest in putting on clothes and shoes, a skill we're still working on with William.  Note, I didn't say putting on her own clothes.  At the hotel in California, she amused herself by putting on a pair of mine, Adam's, or William's underwear and dancing around with it around her waist.  Her favourite shoes to wear are William's.  She often shuffles in the room wearing big, blue, spiderman sandals and chanting "Shoes.  Shoes."

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