Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jadzia's first haircut

Call that the "before" shot.  We biked over to Cuts for Kids and I bought the kids each a drumstick while we waited for the place to open.  William is the ringbearer in the wedding this weekend (more on that later) and he was in bad need of a trim.  I hadn't planned on getting Jadzia's hair cut at all.

After watching William sit in the tractor, watching a movie and playing with toys as the hairdresser snipped away, I didn't have the heart not to give Jadzia a turn.

The hairdresser sat her in the same tractor as William, even though I'm sure she would have preferred sitting on the horse or parrot.  No worries, my easy-going daughter was just happy to be included as a big kid.

She was ridiculously good the entire time.  Not only was she quiet and still, but she turned and bowed her head when the hairdresser asked her to.  Of course her official first hair cut occured behind my back, when sneaky relatives trimmed her bangs.  You can tell she's a seasoned pro.

  The hairdresser took a very nice "after" shot and gave us a certificate with a clipping of hair.  I plan to scan that in as soon as I figure out how to hook up my scanner.  Anyway, she looks exactly the same.  Money well spent.

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