Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wanna Buy Our Pool?

Our pool is great.  We've had some fun times in our pool.  Every summer we're all like "This is great!  A pool in our own back yard!  How fun and relaxing and awesome."  Then like a month later our laziness kicks in and turns the pool green.  I know, I know, way to sell it.  Really, having a pool isn't that much work and if you are a normal, clean, non-lazy person (not us) you could easily prevent the greenness.  This pool is perfect for someone who:
  • Loves to swim,
  • Is tired of driving all the way to a public pool only to find out that "fun swim" is done for the day,
  • Has enough ambition to do their laundry and dishes on a semi-regular basis,
  • Has a house with a yard,
  • Wants to host an awesome pool party,
  • Likes to make whirl pools.
If this sounds like you, then buy our pool from us!!!

Here's the kijiji link:

We're asking $400 if you come and take it away.  $600, if you want us to take it apart for you.  I think this is fair, but we're willing to negotiate...well not me, I suck at negotiating.  I'm sure my husband will be more than willing to negotiate.  Just think how much fun it would be to have your very own pool!!


Columbia Thorndale said...

If only my apartment would let me put it in my living room. How cool would that be

Super Happy Jen said...

Yeah! And then you could make it a hottub for the winter!

Not sure if it would fit though.

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