Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lobster Poutine

It's a good thing that a three course meal was included in our Christmas giftcard, because otherwise  I would have cheaped out and not ordered the $18 appetizer.  You know how a lot of places sell "lobster" dishes, adding just a tiny amount of meat so they can print "lobster" on the menu and trick you into ordering it?  Not so at Zee's Grill!  I was pleasantly surprised to find giant chunks of claw meat over top of my cheese curds and fries.  It was the best poutine I have ever tasted.  Why doesn't New York fries offer the option, I wonder?

My entree was excellent aswell.  Tender pieces of duck breast on top of a bacon-loaded pasta. Saying "bacon" on the menu wasn't a trick!  Of course I was so full by the end of it that I had to open up my second stomach to make room for dessert.

Dessert: chocolate crepes with mousse, creme brulee, and fudge.  I was so rolly polly that I almost couldn't stay awake for the play we saw afterward at the Shaw Festival Theatre.

BTW: I neglected to take a picture of my delicious meal but here's a link I found with a picture of lobster poutine. Mine was served in a bowl, not on a newspaper, but it was basically the same. 

BBTW: This review is pro bono, but I do get paid to write them occasionally.
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