Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canoodling in the Tulips

So yesterday I entered the Tuesday Tales contest over at Glitterword, a weekly flash fiction contest based on a couple prompts.  The prompts were the above photo and the word 'canoodle'. Now I don't typically write poetry, but the combination of tulips and canoodling just begged to be made into rhyming verse.

Well I won!  I get to display this badge on my blog:
I'll also be judging the contest in two weeks which should be a prestigious addition to my writing resumé. It was a bit of a challenge getting the right number of words and the right number of syllables (still not sure about the rhythm of the last verse), but I got it to exactly 100 words. Boo ya!  Without further ado, here it is:

Canoodling in the Tulips
by J M Filipowicz

Darling I love canoodling in the tulips
The sunshine is warm and the ground’s not too hard
Dewy and moist and caressed by your two lips
Canoodling in tulips in the neighbour’s yard.

They’ll never catch us hidden in the tulips
Canoodling gently without making a peep
They might catch a glimpse of your hips or my hips
And they’ll think through the weeds a creature does creep.

Exhausted then canoodling in the tulips
We’ll fall fast asleep ‘cause the ground isn’t hard
Awake in the night we’ll crawl through the tulips
And climb the fence naked into our backyard.

Thanks @theglitterlady for hosting the contest each week and @AngeliqueRider for judging. And congrats to honourable mentions: @KelseyPotter13, and @Rowanwolf66.

I know some of you might be imagining that my poem is based on personal experience (I'm talking to you, Columbia).  Rather than confirm or deny anything, I shall leave you with this winky face.  ;)

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Columbia Thorndale said...

Lets be honest its a fantasy that you hope to fulfill with a certain fairy but more likely your sexy husband will get to. Living vicariously through him. :P Amazing poem. I never even knew you could write poetry UI read it twice and sighed with the beautiful imagery you created.

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