Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'd rather dream about the circus

Last night I dreamt that my family and I were preparing for the funeral of my grandfather. In reality, both my grandfathers died quite some time ago, but I believe this was for my grandfather on my Dad's side, who died when I was five.  In the dream, my Dad asked my Nana "how are you holding up?" I don't recall her response.

Anyway we were in a house that had the same layout as my parents' house but the decor was different. In each room, there were family members getting ready.  My Omi was there, alive and with all her faculties intact, and I believe my sister was too.  The rest were women who I accepted as cousins in my dream, but I don't think I know them in real life.

I spent a lot of time trying to puzzle out the layout of the house, trying to figure out which room was my room, where I could find my clothes. When I couldn't, I rummaged through my diaper bag looking through Jadzia's extra outfits, until I found a top that would fit me. It was a white ruffle top with violets on it.  My cousins encouraged me to try it on in the washroom.

I got the top on and looked in the mirror. Only instead of ruffles, I was wearing some kind of armored chest plate, which fastened at the back. I knew that the pretty top was somehow under the armor and spent the rest of the dream fiddling with a buckle behind my back (which may or may not have been padlocked).

This is the second time this week I've dreamt about death.  A few days ago I had a dream that kept me up most of the night.  My Mom called and told me she was dying and was hoping I would come over and say goodbye.  At the same time my Dad burst into my bedroom all teary eyed and told me that I had better go be with my mother.  I was trying to wake up in my dream, succeeded in waking myself up for real, and had trouble getting back to sleep.


David P. King said...

That's a trippy dream. Had a writing related one recently that was a bit unsettling.

Super Happy Jen said...

In my experience, all dreams are trippy dreams.

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