Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Men's Birth Control Pill

Near the end of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Sisko's wife got pregnant because HE forgot to take his birth control injection. That's right, in the Star Trek Universe, it's the men who have to worry about pills, injections, and possible cancer-causing hormones. (As it should be since they are the ones sticking their sperm where it shouldn't be). Here is yet another example of Star Trek becoming reality:

Male birth control pill - hormonal oral contraceptive for men


zydeco fish said...

That's cool with me. Fair is fair, after all.

Becca said...

That was cool to read... Wow, It sounds like they used humans to test.

There was a thing on the news last night about it too. They already use it more wide spread in Monkeys in the wild and in Zoo's to control breeding.

They said that it proved only 75% percent reversable in the monkeys over a 10 year study. Hopefully It's better in people.

Super Happy Jen said...

The monkeys probably just forgot to take the pill every day :D

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