Sunday, December 26, 2004

Blog your own adventure...2nd installment...An alien in a Santa suit

Hi guys, I have stuff to blog about X-mas but there's something infinitely more fun I want to do. My friend Becca started a blog your own adventure at her blog ( and I'm going to continue it here. If you want to read the beginning of the story you have to go to Becca's blog. If you want to continue the story leave some kind of comment here that goes something like "if you want Kaitlyn to go dancing go to" Then, in your blog, link to both the beginning of the story and my blog. (This is not only fun but also a sneaky way to increase traffic). Enjoy!


When we last left our hero... It was Christmas Eve and Kaitlyn had just heard a loud bang. She ran to the window to see what was a matter. There it was, on the roof of her house; a sleigh, a bunch of reindeer, and yes, yes, the big man himself. Kaitlyn ran down the stairs. Naughty list or not she had to get Santa's autograph. Surely that would be worth risking her presents?

She reached her fire place just in time to see a tiny man in a red suit and black boots wriggling out of the chimney. "Santa!" she exclaimed with glee. Then, something made Kaitlyn pause. The little man had the suit, it's true, and the boots, and even the long white beard. But his eyes were large and purple, his skin was a pale green, and Kaitlyn thought she saw a tentacle emerge brieflly from underneath the coat's white trim.

Kaitlyn gasped. She tried to run but a strange force held her in place. She heard a voice, not out loud but inside her head. Young Earth Animal. Do not be fearful. I am Nicton from what you would call Jupiter. I am a scientist. I only want to have a look at your organs. I promise to put everything back when I'm done.

Kaitlyn did not like the sound of this!


~Becca~ said...

If the start of this adventure is not at the top of my blog you can use this link to go directly to the post.

~Becca~ said...

To see Kaitlyn escape certain dicection go here:

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