Thursday, December 30, 2004

Let the merry bells keep ringing...

I neglected this blog at X-mas. As such, here is the week in review:

Friday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)

In the morning Adam and I went tobogganning on the most perfect tobogganning snow that ever was. I just love tobogganing.

For dinner, my mom made roast beef and yorkshire pudding and crème brulé. Yum! Adam didn't have dinner because he was eating at his parents house (his Mom also made a X-mas dinner extravaganza). After dinner, we found the books that the book elf brought us (the book elf always comes X-mas Eve). I got Oryx and Crake, an SF novel by Margaret Atwood.

Next it was off to the Filipowicz house to eat more dessert and to open presents with Adam's family (his Mom, Dad, sister, and visiting aunt, uncle and aunt Marian). At Adam's house Santa drops off presents throughout the month (I assume this is to save time on the big night) and they open them on Christmas Eve.

Saturday, December 25 (You there! What day is it?...What Day? Why, it's Christmas Day!)

My nephew woke me up at 7am. This is not that early for a kid at Christmas, I grant you, but I was not even close to being slightly by the stretchiest most imaginative stretch of the imagination awake. The exchange went something like this:
Auntie Jen! It's Christmas!
Auntie Jen look! The Christmas Spirit!
At this point I look my bedroom window and I see the most beautiful pink sunrise I have ever seen. Okay, I thought, I can get up. Adam slept over so he could enjoy the X-mas morning fun. Unfortunately he slept downstairs and missed the Christmas spirit.

Next we looked in our stockings. Santa accidentally put my icy squares on the radiater and they were oozing something white. They still tasted good though. I won't bore you with all the stuff that came in my stocking, or all the presents (which came next). The highlights: My parents got Adam and I dance lessons (yippee). My brother got me a Leisure Suit Larry Game (Remember Leisure Suit Larry? He's over five pixels now.). It turns out this game is evil and addictive and has been occupying my every moment with its raunchy antics. Adam got me the Nightmare Before Christmas Game. Other people got me some other stuff. Hunter got a plethera of Batman toys. I got him this plush batman that makes oof! noises when you press its chest. It was fun watching him pummel the crud out of it. Poor Batman.

Sunday, December 26 (Boxing Day)

I wanted to go to the zoo (the Metro Toronto Zoo is free with a can of food on boxing day) but NOONE would go with me. I went shopping (which only crazy people do on boxing day) with Adam. Adam bought the Lord of the Rings extended versions boxed set at CinemaOne for a ten dollars more than every other sold-out store. I bought myself a Snow White Evil Queen purse at Claire's (this was marked down to 50% off but I have a suspicion that it was first marked up 103%). On the way home Becca called Adam's cell and asked to hang out. Shortly after Amy and Dayna called and wanted to hang out too. The boy wanted to go to Best Buy (he had gift cards) and Becca came along. All the insane-asylum escapees were shopping at Best Buy. Normally mild-mannered Burlingtonians were behaving like Americans in the parking lot. We all went to Amy's house and had a grand ol' time. Amy and I exchanged gifts. I gave Amy a My Little Pony and a Strawberry Shortcake Umbrella (we grew up in the 80s) and Amy gave me a set of Nightmare Before Christmas plush toys (they rule). Then we all went to see The Phantom of the Opera, which I highly recommend. Here's to us! A toast to all the city, such a pity that the phantom can't be here!

Monday, December 27

We went to Toronto with Adam's parents to get a suit for Adam. I slipped on the ice and fell on my bum. Some old lady came out of nowhere and said "careful, it's slippery". No kidding. The rest of the we hung out with Adam's friend Chris, who was down from Ottawa.

Tuesday, December 28

My nanna (who always brings her friend), uncle, aunt, and cousins came over for dinner. For the occasion I cleaned my room (don't look under the bed). My cousins are the greatest. Kelly taught me some dance moves and Kelly, Joey, Hunter, and I piled on top of Adam and tried to tickle him. He's such a good sport, my Adam.

Wednesday, December 29 (Yesterday)

We hung out with Chris again. We went tobogganning for a little bit. The snow wasn't as perfect as Christmas Eve but it wasn't stupidly slow. We sprayed our sled with Pam, but I don't think it did anything (except leave a trail of yellow, which was pretty fun). Then we played Risk 2210 (which Adam bought himself for Christmas). That game takes 3 hours, a long time to invest in something that your going to just lose. Then we went to see SpongeBob Squarepants. We were supposed to see it with my brother but there was a miscommunication and he didn't come. I was disappointed and this ruined the first 20 minutes of the flick for me. But it was a funny movie.

So that's it.
Happy New New Year!

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