Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm not as hopeless as I thought

I've been reviewing my procrastination list and have discovered that I am the most productive girl ever!

Here are the things that are totally done. Totally:
  • Write that article for my Mom's magasine about star-gazing in the city. I call it Bright Stars, Big City. Mom still has edits for me, but the important thing is that I wrote the thing.
  • Look for a job. I got a job so I must have been doing this somewhat productivly. Of course, the search for the ultimate dream job is neverending. The Neverending da ba ba da ba ba da baaaa...

Here are the things I actually worked on. (The thing I mean).

  • Work on my novel, "Unintended." It's getting there. I read to my mutual admiration society yesterday (writer's group). They gave me a few edits that I might fix later.

Here is the stuff I still haven't bothered with:

  • Finish my flash animation movie. I don't know if this is going anywhere. It might be one of those creative endeavors that I just scrap. (my 'puter is full of unfinished flash cartoons, half-written novels, and opening paragraphs for short stories that are never to be)
  • Paint some paintings for my wedding centerpieces. I took the ones that suck (imo) off the wall. The ones that are left are okay, I guess. I think I can finish them by September.
  • Wedding-related stuff. Like look up my relatives addresses. This still doesn't excite me.

So that's like 2.5 out of 6. Hang on a sec...start, programs, accessories, calculator... 41.67 % Okay so I'm not winning any productivity contests, but at least I did stuff. The most important thing is that my current Pinball* high score is 9,554,750. Beat that!

*3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

um. im not sure if you are the most productive girl ever since 40 something percent aint so great.

and whats not funaboot looking up addresses of people who most of you dont know there last name or how to properly spell there first name or whatever.. its very exciting stuff. there you go

and yes i know that i dont use there or their or dare int he right order

i like typos it adds personality

so their

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