Friday, February 11, 2005

Procrastination list

Since I am still unemployed I am able to spend more time on my creative endeavors. Or, more accurately, I am able to spend more time procrastinating and making excuses why I am not working on anything, creative or otherwise. So, as part of my procrastination regime, I have decided to make a list of all the the things I want to eventually get around to doing.

THE LIST (in no particular order)
  • Work on my novel. "Unintended" (working title) a science fiction based on the fairy tale Snow White, in which most of the major characters are clones.
  • Finish my flash animation movie. (no title yet) Made to look like a circa 1920s-30s Sci Fi, all the sounds are taken from recordings of my nephew playing with my microphone.
  • Write that article for my Mom's magasine about star-gazing in the city. This has to be done by March.
  • Look for a job. I actually do this more than any other productive thing, probably because it's the most necessary. If anyone has a job for me, I can quit this ego-bruising thankless excercise and go on to something more condusive to the super happy philosophy. Anyone?
  • Paint some paintings for my wedding centerpieces. I need at least ten or twelve more. My progress was halted about a month ago by the sudden feeling that all the ones I'd already done suck so bad they will make my inlaws hate me.
  • Wedding-related stuff. Like look up my relatives addresses. This is something that's supposed to excite me?

So that's it, I guess. Feel free to harrass me into doing one or all of these things. Or just hire me so that I don't have all this procrastination time. 894 people have viewed this blog already. Odds are one of you has hiring power, right?

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