Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V-day the morning after

Valentine's Day is an excuse for romance and romance is good. But while some of us have significant others (like my sexy fiancé Adam), the rest are moping on the couch, eating Turtles, and watching Degrassi. These are the folks who go around saying "Valentine's Day was invented by greeting card companies", which, by the way, just makes me want to go to Hallmark and cheer. It isn't true though, I looked it up.

Around the 4thish century, they had this custom where they'd put all the girls names in one hat and the boys name in another, then draw names to decide who has to date for the year. Then these church guys (who kept getting ugly stupid girls) said "um...let's celebrate something else" and the people were like "Like what? Prudish church guys?" and the church guys were like "How 'bout St. Valentine's Day?"

Then the church guys told the story of St. Valentine, which goes like this: Back in the day, the emperor figured out that married men make sucky soldiers (they care more about their wives and kids than they do about blowing themselves up. Priorities!). So he made marriage illegal. Valentine was like "chuck that" and he married people in secret. (He also did annoying things like try to convert people to Christianity). Anyway he went to jail, where he allegedly cured the guard's daughter of blindness (I say allegedly because I'm pretty sure the church guys made that part up). So that's how he got to be St. Valentine instead of Mr. Valentine, or Father Valentine, or whatever his name was before. Before he died, he wrote blind girl a letter and signed it "From Your Valentine" (because that was his name).

Well even if Hallmark didn't invent V-day, they are sure the ones who kept it alive. Do I care? No. Coke invented Santa.

Anyway here's what I did:

Adam came over after work and gave me a rose and a card (which he made). I gave him a giant card (which I made) and a flash movie about when we first met (which I made too. Hallmark, eat your heart out).

Then we went to Red Lobster. They don't take reservations (Donkeys) so we had to go there super early (@4). We both had lobster. Mine came with crab legs and shrimp and Adam's came with lobster pasta and tiny lobster tails. Lobster is expensive, but there's nothing quite like ripping the exoskeleton off a giant bug while it stares blankly at you (plus it's delicious).

After dinner, we went to Adam's house and "hung out". Then we watched the new episode of Degrassi: the Next Generation (but we weren't moping, because we had each other). As you may or may not know, the last three episodes have guest-starred Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob) who is a big fan of Canadian melodrama. Then we watched two re-runs of CSI (how romantic) then Adam drove me home.

Next year, in addition to the date stuff, I think I'll get one of those boxes of Valentines (you know, that you used to give out in elementary school) and I'll give them out to all the people I see every day (the mail carrier, whoever). That will be nice.

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