Sunday, April 23, 2006

A dream combo with a new kind of chicken.

If my first dream Adam took me to an outdoor food court. I wasn't expecting to go there and I kept asking him why we were there. We sat down at a long table and some of Adam's relatives joined us. Adam sat across from me but he got up to get something and his mother took his place. I wanted to say that she was in Adam's seat, but didn't want to be impolite. There was KFC on the table, but it was white meat (actually it looked like boneless chicken breasts) and I like dark. I took one anyway to be polite. When I cut into the chicken, all kinds of vegetables came out. I was startled by this even in the dream, but I assumed this was just a new kind of KFC.

In my second dream I was friends with a "man" (I put man in quotes because he looked more like a teenager). He was in love with me but of course I wasn't interested because I'm married to Adam. One time I woke up and he was there instead of Adam. I think maybe I thought it was Adam, because why would this other man be in our bed? Or maybe I just didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings by making a big deal. I was telling this guy about my dream (the one above) and I could tell he wasn't really listening. He was jealous, I think, because Adam was in the dream.

Later, I was in the washroom combing my hair and brushing my teeth and stuff. Someone came in. Sounds weird, but I think it was my wife and daughter. She (my wife?) said "No matter what happens, I'm with you." I couldn't find my necklace but I left the washroom anyway because I was sure that I'd been accused of something horrible. I thought someone had been murdered.

The man who was in love with me was a kindergarten teacher. One of the kids' projects had been ruined and everyone thought that I had done it. "Do you really think an adult did this?" I asked. Another teacher suggested I talk to the man who was in love with me about it. I said that I honestly didn't think this warranted a response. I talked to some of the children anyway, they were talking about their projects and weren't saying anything useful. I must have been a man at this point because I didn't want to explain to the children that I thought their teacher was in love with me. I thought he might get in trouble if people found out he was gay.

So that's that. I welcome any sort of analysis of those.

Today I'm working at the TO Kids Show for Today's Parent. It will be tedious to get to (all the way out near the airport) but I'll get paid, and have an excuse not to wear my pjs today. Next week is my last week of doing my internship. It feels like I just started, but I learned stuff so it was good. I'll have two short articles in TP in September, one on lice and the other on dinner assembly places. So check it out.

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