Saturday, April 08, 2006

Omi legends

Yesterday I went to the movies today with my family, including my slightly senile grandmother. Omi grew up in germany during the war. Every once in a while she randomly spouts family legends, which may or may not be accurate.

Here's a list of the ones I remember:

  • Omi always wanted to be a gym teacher. She was very good at gym class until the war when she had to leave school. It was a different time, you see.
  • She doesn't like meat that much because her mother once gave her a stick and made her kill one of her father's rabbits. It was a different time, and they were hungry.
  • Omi and her cousins used to have to run along the roof tops to escape the "bad men". War brings out the worst in people, she says.
  • Omi used to bring food to her father in a Russian prison. One time some men attacked her and after that she sent one of her brothers instead. It was a different time, and war brings out the worst in people.
  • Before dating my grandfather, Omi went out with with another boy who was very nice. Her friend saw them together in the movie theatre and said: "I thought he was your brother." After that, she was so embarrassed she never went out with that boy again.
  • Omi and Opa met at a dance class. She liked him because he was tall and handsome. They both had other partners in the class, but Opa asked her out anyway. Scandalous!
  • Opa promised Omi a wedding in a Catholic church. They went to see a priest who asked them to sign something promising that all their children would be raised in the Catholic faith. Opa said "I don't even have any children yet and you want me to sell them all to you" and he walked out.
  • They were married in Belleville. They didn't have enough money, or something, to rent space in the church, so the minister gave them a nice ceremony in his home.
  • When Mom was younger she used to ride her bicycle to meet Omi at work and they would ride the bus home together. Mom was such a good girl.
  • My mother and father met because of cards. My Dad wanted to play cards and my Mom wanted to study. So my Mom said, "Let's study first, and then we can play cards!"
  • When I was younger I used to drive the car and sing. Omi wishes she could sing, but she can't.
  • Last week Omi went with my Uncle John to the new Casino in Niagra Falls. You have no idea how beautiful it is. Omi won more than her son. She got all her money back and won a hundred dollars. I'm smart, so I would win too if I went.

So now you know my grandmother. If all these stories are true, she's a pretty amazing lady. Of course they're not, but she's a neat lady anyway. Too bad about the alzeimers.

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Erin said...

Alzheimer's is such a sad disease. But her stories were fun to read.

Thanks for choosing me as your renter.

zydeco fish said...

I have to think that "playing cards" is a euphemism for something else. Oh, and I answered your question about 24th Century dating.

Superhappyjen said...

My grandmother's euphemism's are not as subtle as that

Kyahgirl said...

Hi superhappyjen-just dropping in from zydeco fish's place :-)

I like your Omi. It sucks to be getting old and losing the mental faculties.

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