Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last Day

Today is my final day interning at Today's Parent, after which I'll be back to back to sitting around the apartment all day "jobsearching". Some of the editors took me out to lunch which was nice. It shows they're not totally disappointed in my internerifficness (or else they wanted to celebrate my departure).

I have one fact-checking article not done. It irks me because I know it would reflect well on me to have everything completed, but the sources just will not call me back. I only hope I'm not remembered as the intern that couldn't get it all done.

Someone just randomly brought in a baby. Happens here a lot. I can hear the editor-in-chief and some other eds gushing over her. We like babies.

1 comment:

~Becca~ said...

Aw, Jen. I know you have had fun there. You'll be onto new and exciting adventures in no time :)

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