Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I have great ideas

So I was at a brainstorming meeting at Today's Parent where everyone (including the super happy underling) had to present story ideas for an upcoming issue (a themed issue, but I won't say what theme because I never know what info would be considered top secret insider stuff).

I was so nervous this morning because my second worse fear (after ) is people thinking I'm stupid. (Now all my internet fans are going to think I'm stupid for being so paranoid and insecure, but oh well). Anyway, since this is the first thing anyone's asked me to do that involves some creative brain power, my insecurities came to the surface.

It turns out my fears were just as stupid as you think. The editor-in-chief (big kahuna) said "great idea" when my idea was presented. (I didn't have to be the one to read it, Thank Worf). It's not for sure they'll use it but it was definitely well received.

I'm not stupid! Yippee!

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