Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Falls on V Day

In honour of Queen Victoria's birthday Adam and I, along with our friends Becca and Drew, went to Niagara Falls to see the fireworks. First we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's (the yummiest, butteriest, most deep fried place ever) and then wandered around with five hours to kill (the fireworks started at 10). For those of you who have never been, Niagara Falls is a cornucopia of haunted houses, souvenir shops and wax museums. We didn't actually go in any of them but just checking out the outside of them is enough for nearly endless hours of amusement. Here's the stuff we did (or a guide to killing five hours at the Falls without cash):

  • We went to the IMAX theatre. We didn't see a movie (12$ for 45 min bah!) but we checked out all the barrels that folks have used over the years to go over the falls. People are crazy. I would think that it would be the fall that would kill you doing that, but it seems most people are thwarted by the cops, or run out of oxygen.
  • I got my picture taken with the Pope. Okay so he was made of wax, but he was totally holy.
  • We went to the casino. No, we didn't gamble. But we wandered around the mall and sat by that bizarre-looking fountain that looks like a giant 18th-century time machine.
  • We got some fudge. Sure, this costs cash, but you must get fudge when you go to Niagara fudge. A most unhealthy combination of sugar, butter, and cream, working together to create a melt-in-your-mouth brick of orgasm.
  • We walked all over the universe. Call me out of shape, but the streets of Niagara Falls are super up-hill (or super down-hill depending on which direction you're going), and my calves say no, Jen, no.
  • We saw the fireworks. It's important never to loose that sense of wonder you get when watching a really good fireworks show. These were great. Ooooooo. Ahhhhhh. Big Bang.


zydeco fish said...

I love Niagara Falls. Did ya know that they named Viagra after Niagara?

Superhappyjen said...

Is that true? It seems to make sense in an odd way.

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