Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quark Course

I'm taking a course in Quark as part of my magazine certificate program. Tonight is the first class. As in right now. How's it going? Well, I'm writing a blog entry. What does that tell you?

Why do computer classes always cater to the lowest common denominator? It's like having a class on writing, where the first class is an overview of the alphabet. Being that we're living in a computer age, where if you don't know how to use a computer you're pretty much out of luck, isn't it reasonable to assume some prior knowledge?

The teacher is now explaining something that I figured out half an hour ago just by clicking around. I may be a smart cookie, but I'm no computer genius. The trouble is, if I drop this course I won't be able to say on my résumé that I took a course in Quark. Also, I wouldn't be able to replace the course with another because I've taken everything that's offered this term. GAH!


drizzlenightsky said...

well, any class that allows me to write a blog entry without lagging behind is something that must not be dropped in my book...heh...;p

can you say, easy credits? plus, I'm sure it will get better eventually so I'd say keep at it.

Mandy said...

Ohh don't you just hate that. We did something similar a while ago. We were being taught how to use a new program, well do'h I'd already clicked on everything that was clickable and I knew 99% of what they were telling us.. are other people really that behind?

Mandy :)

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