Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hunter and Auntie Jen Sleepover Extravaganza

Hunter, my almost 5-year-old nephew, is sleeping over tonight. My sister has a new job to go to early in the morning (or something) and so me and my fabulously generous husband "Uncle Adam" are taking Hunter to kindergarten tommorrow. So he has to sleep over. Well, I guess he doesn't HAVE TO have to. But whatever, this is a fun thing for him (and me).

Hunter convinced me to play some MarioKart with him before he put his pjs on. It seems no matter who I have over we end up playing MarioKart. I drove while Hunter flung turtle shells and stuff. We won first place.

Then Hunter put his pjs on, without too much cajoling, then announced that he needed to go to the washroom. We had forgotten (gasp) to pack his toothbrush and his (much tastier than ours) toothpaste. I let him borrow my toothbrush and I borrowed my husband's (makes perfect sense right?). Hunter doesn't like mint toothpaste so I had to resort to tickling to get him to co-operate (brilliant Auntie parenting tactics). At least his four front teeth got a really good brushing.

The futon was all prepared (in advance by the brilliant Auntie) and I got Hunter out a super soft green blanket. Believe it or not I do not have any picture books in my apartment so I had to use my brain and make up a story. This was kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, only I replaced Goldilocks with Hunter and Auntie Jen. Hunter demanded a sequel (in which Hunter helped Baby Bear decode the new security system Papa Bear had installed). Then I declared it bed time.

Hunter wanted me to sleep with him and said he wouldn't sleep unless I was there. I didn't really want to and I should get my way sometimes (darn it, I'm the Auntie!) We discussed this for a bit and finally I told him he didn't have to sleep as long as he stayed in bed and kept quiet. Then I said good night and left. I don't know if he actually went to sleep, but I haven't heard a peep out of him. Best nephew ever.


Maritza said...

I love Mario Kart but I'm now in PS2 land. Nephews and nieces are the best, they stay over sometimes and go home in the morning and think you're the coolest person on earth. So unlike a certain daughter of mine who has not learned to appreciate my awesomeness.

Nice blog you have and I'm so scared to get the "laser" (make quotation marks with fingers like Dr. Evil) surgery!

Mandy said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! I have my nephew over too a few times per year (he lives in the UK, me in The Netherlands)

What a great idea to tell him to stay in bed, but doesn't have to go to sleep.. now that'll work cuase they are bound to drop off to sleep sooner or later. lol

Take care

Caz said...

And the Best Auntie in the World award goes to..... *drumroll*..... JEN!!!!! Sounds like you guys a fab time! I can't believe Hunter's 5 already!! Seems like only yesterday I mailed over those cute little tartan bootees! :)

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