Saturday, May 27, 2006

Laser Eye Jen!

Well today is the day that Jen, went to get her laser eye surgery. it was a tough night. i suppose I (adam, Jens husband) was nervous as i couldnt get much sleep. but Jen was a trooper.. not really worried about the surgery or someone cutting both her Eyeballs (GAH!) she was just excited to finally be rid of her glasses

we got up at 7:00 , Jens appointment was at 9:00 at Lazik MD in misissauga, traffic was good we got there by 8:45, receptionist looked over some papers.. to make sure she signed her consent form. after about 30min wait Jen was called into an office where she talked to some lady who handels the $$$, after 10 min or so she came back..

Jen also recieved a fannypack with cool terminator limo Black tint sunglasses, and several small bottles of various eye drops.

the waiting room is very nice with leathery sofas all over and large plasma displays on the walls. showing the news.
also on the walls were some dali prints - (see photo)

Jen was in and out of several short exams to test her vision again or something.
after waiting and waiting and even more waiting. we finally got moved into a smaller waiting room. where jen got a hair net cap and was close to actually going to surgery

finally we were moved into the even smaller (you are almost there) waiting room. this room was dimly lit and had one sofa and two really reclined chairs. this is the recovery area

after about 20 minutes in this room. jen was taken to the operating room.
after about 20 min she returned and sat in the super reclining chair. a nurse came out and gave her drops

then we went to sit again and wait. as we had to wait another hour then jen got checked over again.
and then we waited another 45 minutes and jen had one final (for today) 1.5 minutes checkover
and then we were let go.

on the way out there is a bin where. you can leave your glasses to donate to the poor (see photo)

so we arrived at 8:45 and left by 1:30 i believe
we finally got home and jen took a nap. and got to wear some really fashionable tape on eye protectors so she doesnt hurt her eyes while sleeping. luckily she only needs to wear these for a few days

all in all. Jen is very pleased with her new Bionic Eyes! aparently she can already see better then she did with her glasses on.
and it should only get better by tomorrow. oh and we have a checkup appointment tomorrow morning at the lazik md office in toronto.


Caz said...

Jen, I'm so glad your eye lazer treatment went so well! I knew my good wishes would pay! I know this is something you've been wanting for a long time and you've thought really hard about it so you deserve it girlie! I really, truly hope that your peepers recover soon! Just think, after the treatment you'll be able to look out of your apartment window and see me!! :D

Love you girl!
Carol xx

~Becca~ said...

Hi Jen ( And Adam, thanks for keeping us updated). YEAH for your surgery, It's OVER. Now we just wait for you to heal. I Can't wait to see you. But get your sleep! You will heal faster.

lotsa love


Maritza said...

You are so brave! Why are you smiling in the photos? Are the drugs they give you that good?

I want bionic eyes! I'm glad it all turned out fabulously!

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