Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby's First Outfit

I went to the doctor today but I forgot to ask a million things that I should have asked. So all he did was take my blood and say "Congratulations." I'm going to make a list of questions for next time.

My mom (who is awesome) took me to the doctor's office and then we went out for lunch. Afterwards we went shopping for an outfit for the hypothetical infant. The reasoning being that buying the outfit would change the baby from hypothetical to real. After all, only real babies can wear sleepers.

Since I don't know yet whether my little zygote is a boy or a girl, the choices were limited. We finally settled on a green sleeper set with cute elephants on it:

My baby will be totally stylin'


Caz said...

See, it's feeling more real already! I'm so proud of you! Weensie wee clothes - they're too cute!

Maritza said...

A reason to shop! Cool!

Lady S said...

Oh my! So cute.

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