Friday, June 23, 2006

Feeling pregnanter

My kid's not even born yet and already he's disrespecting his mother. He's using his magical fetus powers for evil, causing me to feel all nauseous and gross. Whereas before I ate a lot because I had this enormous appetite, now I eat a lot so that I'll have something to puke up later. I know this is a normal part of pregnancy but I really don't see the point. Don't I need that food for me and my baby? It all seems counter-productive to me.

In other pregnant news, I think my breasts have gotten slightly larger. I wouldn't have thought my DD girls would have anywhere else to grow. They hurt too. Not a lot, just enough to be annoying. I started wearing a "sleep bra" at night and that seems to help.

Just a normal life for a baby-factory/milk-machine.


Lady S said...

I would say that is the thing I look forward to least about getting pregnant. Feeling sick all the time. Of course, I won't be thrilled if my DDs grow either.

Put just think of the great thing you get as a result of all that agony.

~Becca~ said...

Poor Jen,

You'll feel a little better soon! Let the countdown to leave first trimester begin!

Maritza said...

ginger ale and potato chips got me through the queasies. Try ginger ale, or that pickled ginger that comes with sushi - there's something in ginger that rids nausea. Happy to see you're posting!

Maritza said...

I have a new profile picture that should make you feel better! This photo kills me! Get back soon, I want to hear more about the Lasik and the baby.

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